Friday, July 31, 2009

Solid Week

We were able to hit theWeber a few times this week, We were also able to get out once with Paul from William Joseph and try out the new WST wader. Matt jumped right in and pulled the cord. Water was cold and it really took him by surprise. The waders have a built in life jacket essentially. They worked flawlessly and Matt was very impressed. We were worried that they may be to bulky or clumbsy but that was not the case at all. They are no different than any other wader other than that will keep your from drowning instead of drowning you. Paul even caught a Bass on a sow.

Later in the week we hit the river a little lower, Cutts and browns on nymphs and streamers. The streamers are slow but they will still pick up the bigger boys. The Cutts are loving the nymphs. Sows, black midges and softhacke hairs ears seem to be our top dogs. Randy really killed it on a sow without picking up a single white fish. Freakin Amazing!!!!

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