Monday, March 29, 2010

In Search Of.....

Got up this morning with the intent to hit the river. As i headed out, i new that the area i was going to fish had really been fishing well, so i was stoked. I stopped at the store to get a drink and in walks Collin (finpusher), and Brian (BG1). We all ended up hitting the water together and it was a stellar day. Thanks for letting me roll with you today guys. Bows, Browns, and Cutts were all featured. There is always something to learn on the river if you just pay attention. Today was no exception, I learned a lot. At the end of the day we met up and did some fishing with Paul and his son Nic. It was a great day...

Friday, March 26, 2010

I was at work!!!!!

So this last week while i was working all of my crew was on the water. Matt (localwaters) and Collin (finpusher) hit a particular stretch that i love. The water is prone to giving up rainbows, browns and cutts. As you will see from there photos all were landed in nonstop fashion. Both Matt and Collin came away with some stellar pics. My brother Randy (RandallT) Hit another of my favorite stretches and it did not disappoint. Randy and his buddy landed a truely scarry number of browns. All the standard everyday patterns seem to be producing. Please enjoy the photography.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking for Rainbows

I was headed out this morning on a solo trip. At the last minute i called my brother, and he was free, so we decided on the Provo river. I hate the crouds the Vo always seems to have, so i dont go there often. This day was no different, crouded. But we seemed to be able to fish right behind others and still take nice fish. We were using a little sow (18), tied on a red gamakatsu hook, and it was deadly. There was a massive BWO hatch and we kept nymphing because the bows were killing sows and haresears (14-16). Randy and i both landed some nice female bows in the 18 inch range. Near the end of the day I hooked a male that riped me off (5x). I decided not to rerig because we were leaving soon. Randy went through a few more times and nailed a buck rainbow that was full of spit and vinegar. The thing put up a hell of a fight for a 17 inch fish. Im thinking the lower Provo may have a special strain of rainbow, they seem so thick and strong compaired to other rainbows we have fished locally. Spring is the best time to fish..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Streamers and Streamer caves.

So Pat over at 4WTextreme posted an alternative to bugger boxes a few months back, Today while looking for some things for my daughter at a craft store, there it was. A clear version of the bugger Box, They had some foam which i glued together with rubber cement to make thicker. Then i glued it into the box with some Zapp. A few stickers and some art from my daughter, and Bam, Streamer Cave... Box, Rubber cement, Foam $13.50 Sweet.
On another note i have started using a new material for the head on the Streamers and i really like it. Its called EZ Bug. Ive really settled in on the way i like to tye it now, Im hoping that a white version will be a Bull Trout slayer this summer, That is my summer goal, Bull Trout, i guess ill be heading north, no reason to stay in Utah now that it anti-fishing state.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mean Green

Kyle Ballard ( and Mike Anderson( met me in Salt Lake at 5am monday morning and we were off to the green. We tore it up for 2 days, day 2 saw really low water flows and tough fishing, but we made it work. We stayed at Trout Creek flies, I really like there rooms, very comfy. Streamers were our big ticket item, we picked up a few on small midge patterns in the deeper holes. On another front, Paul Swint (William Joseph) picked up some Cutts on the girdle bugs i posted a few weeks ago, he was fishing the South Fork of the Snake. Thanks for the call Paul. Enjoy the picks of the Green River, Dutch John, Utah.