Sunday, July 12, 2009

The man, the myth, the legend

So Matt and i decided to hit the weber today. We really wanted to hit a particuler stretch for a while now. Matt was hoping to throw Meat. Meat we did throw. I was witness today to the master at work. Matt is a genius with a streamer. His patterns just seem to bring the fish to life. He landed five browns today that would be the fish of a lifetime for many people. We lost two that were bigger, including a rainbow i got into that was easily 22 inches. It decided to get in one last jump before we netted him, and that was the one that set him free. Heartbreak and disappointment insued. What a day, i really enjoy being on the river. But today was better, it was a pleasure to witness the master at work. Nice job Matt, all that hard work has made you streamer royalty, no longer the myth and truely a legend...

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  1. amazing brown! you have some great photos in your blog