Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fish and Frogs

UPDATE, The streamer caught a 14 inch brown in the first 5 minutes, it did its job. Then i lost it. We had a slow morning but managed to prode a few out. I tossed a streamer up under a tree and a sweet cutt followed and hit it in the middle of the river, but it shook me. It was a real nice fish, Darnit.. A few turns later i took a nice 21 inch male brown out of the boulders accross river from me, he inhaled the streamer. The photo below is him and the pic was shoot by Matt Guymon. There were frogs everywhere, i cant help but think that the fish are hitting our green stuff with froggs on the brain. I rolled an ankle today so im going to have to take a few days off. I had a hard time getting off the river.

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