Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simms Headwater Sz 14

I finally had to give in and buy something i swore i never would. I dont believe you have to spend tons of money to be a Flier. I feel there is an elitism out there that i want nothing to do with. I feel that some companies brands represent that to an extent. However, i believe that the most important piece of equipment you need as a flier are comfy boots, which translates to comfy feet. You cant even get to a good hole if you are in misery walking there. Ive been told that these Simms boots are the real deal. I will be putting them to the test. We are going to Alaska next month and if my feet are not happy, im not happy. Check back and ill give an honest review of there performance. They have the new Vibram rubber sole and look to be very wellbuilt.

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