Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stinger Style

Streamer season is here. I have always felt that it was streamer fishing that brought me to fly fishing. However it has not been until this year that i have become comfortable with them. You must have confidence in your streamer. Its one thing to go out and chuck a bugger, and quite another to go out and intend to catch fish. Streamer fishing, as i have learned, is in large part more about the water you choose to fish than it is about what streamer you throw. However, if you want big fish, you need more than a tired and worn out Wollybugger. Big fish want a big easy meal, A well placed streamer is simply irresistable to a hungry trout. It is built into a big fish to hit and hit hard. A fat streamer will trigger some massive hits. When this happens the fish is not the only one who is hooked. I tied some patterns the past few days and cant wait for my alarm to ring at 4am to go and test my creations. Tight Lines!!!


  1. that should kill 'em! good looking meat

  2. That pattern should hunt for ya. Nice looking blog I'll have to add it to my reader.