Thursday, April 29, 2010


Fished a smaller piece of water today. It was nice to get out before runoff takes over. It was snowing for most of the day. We caught a few nice fish but overall it was slow. I was able to get some pics i was very happy with. I have a thing for stonefly cases, after they have molted, from a nymph to an adult stonefly. I got a cool picture of one today, i think its cool. There are really a lot of caddis in the river we were on, should be some great hatches this summer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Cutt Above

Got out and fished a high mountain favorite this weekend, I love going up early in the spring, it usually means water all to yourself. I really didnt do a very good job behind the lens, but i still wanted to post this beautiful Cutt we found chilling in a high mountain pool. Wish i could say i got it on a dry, but i didnt. I believe this is a yellowstone cutt, heavy spots at tail, very few moving forward, very red belly, a yellowish color, and the info we could find on the creek said they were yellowstones, beautiful fish.

Monday, April 12, 2010

South Fork

This river has been on my list for a while. It finally was time to hit it. The weather was looking good so we headed out. It was actually much closer than i had ever realized. The drive up took about 3 hours. We got to the fly shop just after dark and we set up the tent. The South Fork Lodge let us set up on the lawn behind the shop. It was a lot colder than we had planned, dropping to 17 degrees the first night. But the tent heater did its job nicely. The river the next morning was cold and windy until late in the afternoon. The wind never let up but the fish didn't care. Whiteys, whiteys, whiteys, with a few trout in between. The trout were hard to find but we managed to hunt them down. The Idaho Fish and Game wants everyone to take the Bows out of the river to help the Cutthroats. The locals don't agree, we had a hard time keeping the fish, and after talking to one of the fly shops, we practiced catch and release. It was hard to see people catching cutts on worms and cheese, no releasing those fish. Found it weird that it was even legal. The second day was much warmer. Fishing was slow until late in the day. Overall we saw some nice fish, The rainbows are beautiful, but the cutts are amazing. They are so golden, with those bright red cutts, amazing fish..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Count em, 2 monsters.

We had a big storm last night which we new would slow the river down a little. But with the day off, we went fishing anyway. Things were real slow for a while. Snow and sun alternated as we probed each hole expecting, but not receiving, the results of the past few weeks. As the afternoon wore on the BWO finally popped. Even though we were not targeting the BWO hatch, we were throwing stones, the fishing picked up all the way around. I ended up landing 2 Huge male browns. On was 23 and one went 24. They were skinny, but both were well on there way to putting on that summer mass. I also caught a nice Cutt and Rainbow. We ended up having a great day in which we were privileged to see some great fish..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Will it hunt......

So here is my interpretation of a Skwala. A little green on the belly, Segmented tail, Black wing, green barbed legs, Im hoping it will take a few hungry trout over the next few weeks. I would appreciate some feedback...

I also just recieved a few DeYoung stickers for my new Dry Fly box. Pretty cool art, i wish i could draw this stuff.

Even has a segmented tail....

DeYoung stickers, Cant afford the big prints.