Thursday, December 16, 2010

Burbot Bash Jan 22-29 2011

Presented by the Chambers of Commerce of Flaming Gorge, Green River and Rock Springs. They are getting serious about the Bash this year with over $10,000 in cash prizes. The basic layout, teams of 2-4 people, tagged fish in the lake ( everyone who catches a tagged fish will have their name put in the pot, one is drawn for $5,000 at sat closing ceremony), lots of giveaways at opening and closing from William Joseph, Sportsmans Warehouse, and Cabelas. Cash prizes for biggest fish ($1,500), most fish ($600), kids big fish, kids small fish ($100).

We have plenty of rooms available here at the Flaming Gorge inn ($40 per night 435-784-3088). We also have the restaurant open serving up the good grub. I also may have a little bit of inside info on where the fish are. The Forest Service will be giving out maps of where the fish were tagged.

Burbot are primarily fished at night for the best bite. They tend to be very abundant on the north end of the lake down to about Horseshoe. The north end of the lake should be all iced over however it is possible that it may be open water toward Horseshoe. They are expecting a lot of people so it should be pretty fun. Heck its the middle of winter, you need something to do.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bur-Bot Bugger

Well im willing to bet that not a whole lot of people have ever caught a Burbot on a bugger. Burbot you say, what is that? Burbot are a fresh water Ling Cod that were supposedly illegaly stocked into flaming gorge. Many people are panicing and thinking that they are going to destroy the trout fishing in the gorge. Ive talked to several guys from Wyoming who have said that several of Wyomings best trout lakes have had Burbot in them. I was hoping for a big bow and all i got was this damn Burbot...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Im Still Here I Promise

So i have kind of been off the grid for a while here. Dont give up on me, better things are to come. I had the oppertunity a few months ago to purchase the Flaming Gorge Inn in Manila Utah. I could not pass on the chance to live in such a great place, so close to so much great fishing. It will be very difficult this winter, but so far so good. I will be doing some ice fishing this winter and i have been working on a few lake trout on the fly. The water is cold and the spawn is almost over so i should have some great pics soon. We are right below the Uinta mountains and great brookie and CRC cutt fishing, we are right by the Green River, and then of coarse there is the lake. Hope to see you all up here for some fun.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dutch John, Utah

This last trip may have been the last true flip flop excursion of the 2010 summer. The fishing left a lot to be desired but the company did not. We all had a most excellent time and I dont believe we will ever see chicken gorgonzola on a menu without a giggle again. Great trip.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain, Rain go away. Alaska 2010

It rains a little bit in Alaska. The center portion of our trip was a soggy adventure. We did not let it slow us down, we continued working hard and were rewarded from time to time with fish. Keep in mind that on this trip, pink salmon, were not considered fish. We slayed them at all hours and conditions of the day. They are a good eating fish if you cook them up fresh. They do not freeze well, this is why you often see it in the canned food section of your supermarket. I think we probably caught 500 or so between us.
The rain made it hard to take out the camera. Even when i did, i seemed to be in a hurry and didn't get the best setups possible. I got more comfortable as the trip went on and started to shoot much better in the rain. My 7d was a champ, i drenched it multiple times and had zero problems, great piece of equipment.
The following photos are just some random stuff, The serious fish post will be soon to follow, patience. Randy was the fish slayer as usual, but Silvers are hard to find in the rain...

The William Joseph waterproof packs you see below were awsome. They kept my stuff dry as a bone, and it was seriously wet. William joseph is trying to decide if they will enter the waterproof game, from what i experienced, they should absolutely enter the game... Thanks Paul Swint for letting me use the packs.

The tails go with the heads beside them. The first is an Irish Lord, caught in the ocean, cool tail. The second is a pink salmon, The tail of a pink is my favorite. It kind of looks out of place, should be on a tiger trout or something.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alaska "The Float Plane" Sept 2010

The first few moments in Alaska are always overwhelming, but this time was even more so. We were in Ketchican and immediatly hopped a float plane to our final destination. Flying in a float plane had always been something i was looking forward too. It did not disappoint, the Beaver we flew in was actually the red one below. They seem to not be going fast enough to even fly, but there you are, lumbering across the sky. Its loud, tight, uncomfy, but there is knowhere else you would rather be.
I will be breaking down our Alaska trip in several post over the next few weeks. Special thank you to Dr. Allen Carter of Star Valley Wyoming for allowing us to join him at his cabin on Prince of Wales Island.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For a good time call!

Grizz (Chris Andelin) at the South Fork Lodge. Thanks Grizz