Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green Waste

I hit the Green this saturday with my brother and we hit the B section. I really believe that fly shops are worthless unless you pay them to take you out. Ive never got any solid info and most of the time its flat lies. We specifically asked at the shop if you just keep going down the same road Little Hole is on to get to browns park. They said "oh yeah just keep going", well if you been there you know thats a lie. We got that figured out and hit the river about 730. It started off hot. we caught fish fast and furious for the first hour or so. Then we hit the big rapid and my brothers pontoon boat broke in half, the welds failed. The rest of the day was a wash, we made it out on my boat with his pontoons hooked to it. We later found out that the flows had been going up and down. We had actually done better than most. The second half of B did not seem to be all that good for streamers, a lot of slow water. The first half was awsome. We are thinking that next time we will float the A and B at the same time and huck streamers and move fast.

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