Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A solid day on the Weeb

My brother always seems to miss the really good days on the river by just a day or two. Matt and i killed it on the 4th so i took Rand on the 6th. On the 4th the fish just seemed to be hugh. All the bug life has them eating everything in sight It really makes you wonder where they all go when the late summer months set in. We were seeing 20+ inch browns all over on the 4th. Rand and i didnt seem to see as many the 6th, but we still had our chances. Rand hooked a real nice 25ish brown early on , it schooled us. We were throwing many different stonefly immys and they all worked. We noticed on the 4th a mouth full of small sow bugs in a 22 incher we landed. On the 6th i threw a small sow and it was well recieved. We didnt get into as many big boys the 6th, but we had our chances. The biggest fish came late in the day and went 20. The next month should prove to be some great fishing.

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