Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Solid Week.

It was a great week. Paul Swint of Willy Joe and Gary Winterton with Hooked on Utah made it up here to my backyard. I was able to spend a beautiful day on the water with them. Fish hit everything from streamers to size 10 PMX,s, you read it right. Thanks for letting me tag along fellas. All three days this week were amazing. Winter is truely a most excellent time to fish..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The rusty old streamer in the back of the truck...

I was able to hit the river this past week with a buddy and as we are getting all set to go, he sees this old rusty streamers in the back of my truck. It was a pattern given to me last summer on the tail end of a three day float. Colin over at finpusher.com had been kind enough to let me use it after i had run through all my patterns that trip. It turned out to be the best fly for that trip and the next few i took down the river. So last week my buddy sees it in the bed of the truck all rusty and covered with grease, really, grease. So i tell him how great a pattern it had been back in its hayday. So i throw it in my box, for who knows what reason. So we are floating that day and getting it handed to us. So about 2 miles of river left, and after throwning everthing else, i tie it on. Its missing half its maraboo. The hook has rust all over it and there is the grease. In she goes, strip strip, was that a bump. Second cast, strip, whack, fish on. This fly proceeds to land like ten fish and a thousand chasers, no kidding. So on those days when your convinced that the fish are not hitting, they are, you just havnt found the right fly yet.. Thanks for the fly Finpusher, a gettin after it production..