Sunday, August 9, 2009

High Uintahs

Hit the Uintahs yesterday. We started fishing the upper provo but it was slow. So we headed up higher and took a dirt road hoping to find something good. We went quit a ways, infact the road got pretty bad. We found a lake and a good size stream eventually, i belive we were in the Duchesne drainage system. The first small pool i saw a threw a dry into and whack, a small brookie to hand. We found a deep pool and decided to throw some leaches, that would turn out to be the move of the day. The fish just killed it. We missed a few big brookies, probably in the 15 inch range. We caught a few rainbows and even saw an albino. The fish took those leaches everywhere we threw them the rest of the day. Cant wait to return.

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