Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Streamers and Ice

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It was cold today on the weber. The large streamers turned fish, but the smaller standard stuff like a natural muddler hooked up very well.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brook Trout, Boulder Mountains, and BS

This past week i enjoyed a few days of fishing with my brother (Randy) and Matt Guymon from Localwaters website as well as Paul Swint from William Joseph. While we had an absolute perfect fishing trip I find myself wondering if it will be possible to enjoy these things in the future. Im not an the activist type, im just a fisherman, thats it. While on our trip our host Steve Stoner told us about the forest services efforts to start draining lakes and removing trout, specifically Brookies. Supposedly they want to return everything to how it used to be and reintroduce more native fish in place of brookies. Let me just note that my oppinions are my own and that those who were with me may or may not share them. These lakes are beautiful and just fine how they are, they provide some awsome fishing oppertunities. enviros have taken our 4 wheeler trails, our oil, our water for crops in california, and apparently now they are going to get our fish. I love our Cutts but i dont want to catch them everywhere i go. The Uintahs and Boulders could have many of the thousands of species of trout. It could be one of the coolest places to fish ever. We should be looking to make the fishing more interesting in these Lakes where fish are locked in. Now if there are brook trout that are stunted or that are harming something else im good with fixing the problem. But brookies in high lakes that are trapped are not hurting anything and they provide us with the oppertunty to catch a beautiful fish. The lake we were catching 20 brookies in the forest service is about ready to drain. I think its a big lose if this all happens. Im not looking forward to catching Cutts everywhere. I want variety. Meanwhile here are a few pics of what we may lose. Huge thanks to Steve Stoner, Boulder Mountain Guide, he made this the perfect trip. Also please let me know what im doing right and wrong with the photos, im trying to get better but i need feedback.

More Brookies

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009


I had the oppertunity to go to the Trout Ranch in Wyoming this weekend to take some pics for a flyer they are doing. I took my daughter with me and we were able to do some fishing after the shoot. It was so fun to watch her learn to cast and fight and even land some really nice fish. She wanted to do it all on her own and she did a great job. I dont think there are to many 7 year olds as interested in, and as good at fly fishing as she is.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trifecta on the Weber

So you will have to forgive the photos today, i was fishing alone. I was able to catch a Cutt, a Bow, and a Brown on streamers this evening. I was only out for about 4 hours and i must have turned at least a dozen fish. I was able to land only 4 of them. The river was high today for whatever reason and it really pulled the streamer along. I think this caused a few of the fish to wiff and miss the business end of my streamer. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks.