Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fur n Fire

Fur n Fire, originally uploaded by SoftHacke.

Late January on the Green.

We added a new addition to our fishing line up. Its a 14 ft raft all set up for the river. We couldnt wait to test it out on the green. So we packed up and headed out in the midddle of a storm. The weather broke as we got closer to the river, temps were cold, but we were ready for it. We did a little nymphing, but the primary method was streamers. At one point we were stopped and Randy tied on a small, light bodied, soft hack and swung it to a riser. The fish was a fairly large brown. The first time through he came up and ripped it right off. Didnt even have a chance to set and it was gone. Pounding the shore with streamers paid off big time. In total we probbably took 20-25 fish a day on the meat. Matt had a monster chasing but called the set too early and missed him. We had some other big boys on but for this or that reason we failed to complete the transaction. 16-19 inchers were the average take for this trip. Saw some Elk, plenty of Deer, overall a fun trip.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sow and a Midge

Sow and a Midge, originally uploaded by SoftHacke.

Amunition for tomorrows trip to the river. I tied my sows last season with purple crystal flash on the back bone, i tied these with the standard peacock stuff. I Usually fish the Black Angus midge, but ive tied a new one using black dubbing and some very small vinyl rib. There is a rumor that someone had a rainbow on yesterday on a stretch we have never seen one on, ill need to try and confirm that. I need to say congrats to all the gang who seem to be getting a lot of national recognition, BG1, Cory, Luke C, And Localwaters801, good work guys...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Browns in the sun

, originally uploaded by SoftHacke.

This was a great day. I took a break and snapped a few shots of Matt and this one turned out best. Since purchasing the canon 17-85 is, ive been frustrated, havnt really got the feel for it yet, ive taken very few good pics with it. I've stuck to it and i may get it figured out yet. In fact, i think this shot was with my 18-55, i had given up on this day.