Friday, July 31, 2009

Solid Week

We were able to hit theWeber a few times this week, We were also able to get out once with Paul from William Joseph and try out the new WST wader. Matt jumped right in and pulled the cord. Water was cold and it really took him by surprise. The waders have a built in life jacket essentially. They worked flawlessly and Matt was very impressed. We were worried that they may be to bulky or clumbsy but that was not the case at all. They are no different than any other wader other than that will keep your from drowning instead of drowning you. Paul even caught a Bass on a sow.

Later in the week we hit the river a little lower, Cutts and browns on nymphs and streamers. The streamers are slow but they will still pick up the bigger boys. The Cutts are loving the nymphs. Sows, black midges and softhacke hairs ears seem to be our top dogs. Randy really killed it on a sow without picking up a single white fish. Freakin Amazing!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Natural Stinger

The fish seem to be more interested in the naturals now. Here is my poison. Ill check it out on monday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fish and Frogs

UPDATE, The streamer caught a 14 inch brown in the first 5 minutes, it did its job. Then i lost it. We had a slow morning but managed to prode a few out. I tossed a streamer up under a tree and a sweet cutt followed and hit it in the middle of the river, but it shook me. It was a real nice fish, Darnit.. A few turns later i took a nice 21 inch male brown out of the boulders accross river from me, he inhaled the streamer. The photo below is him and the pic was shoot by Matt Guymon. There were frogs everywhere, i cant help but think that the fish are hitting our green stuff with froggs on the brain. I rolled an ankle today so im going to have to take a few days off. I had a hard time getting off the river.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stinger Style

Streamer season is here. I have always felt that it was streamer fishing that brought me to fly fishing. However it has not been until this year that i have become comfortable with them. You must have confidence in your streamer. Its one thing to go out and chuck a bugger, and quite another to go out and intend to catch fish. Streamer fishing, as i have learned, is in large part more about the water you choose to fish than it is about what streamer you throw. However, if you want big fish, you need more than a tired and worn out Wollybugger. Big fish want a big easy meal, A well placed streamer is simply irresistable to a hungry trout. It is built into a big fish to hit and hit hard. A fat streamer will trigger some massive hits. When this happens the fish is not the only one who is hooked. I tied some patterns the past few days and cant wait for my alarm to ring at 4am to go and test my creations. Tight Lines!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green Waste

I hit the Green this saturday with my brother and we hit the B section. I really believe that fly shops are worthless unless you pay them to take you out. Ive never got any solid info and most of the time its flat lies. We specifically asked at the shop if you just keep going down the same road Little Hole is on to get to browns park. They said "oh yeah just keep going", well if you been there you know thats a lie. We got that figured out and hit the river about 730. It started off hot. we caught fish fast and furious for the first hour or so. Then we hit the big rapid and my brothers pontoon boat broke in half, the welds failed. The rest of the day was a wash, we made it out on my boat with his pontoons hooked to it. We later found out that the flows had been going up and down. We had actually done better than most. The second half of B did not seem to be all that good for streamers, a lot of slow water. The first half was awsome. We are thinking that next time we will float the A and B at the same time and huck streamers and move fast.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A serious hike

A remote stretch of river was exactly what we needed to chase browns with some big ol streamers. Many cutts fell prey along the way, which is always a bonus. Matt ties these huge articulated streamers, at first it was hard to get use to throwing something that large. I mean these things are 6 inches long. But they only bring the big boys. I guess we were surprised at the size of some smaller cutts that hit it, but browns that hit it are all big 18+. We lost some serious pigs, one fish hit my streamer so hard it bent the hook. We tie these things with the best hooks possible, so the fact that a fish bent it, well ,wow. We are determined to take a massive pig this summer, stay tuned its going to happen, 10 pound wild brown ????

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The man, the myth, the legend

So Matt and i decided to hit the weber today. We really wanted to hit a particuler stretch for a while now. Matt was hoping to throw Meat. Meat we did throw. I was witness today to the master at work. Matt is a genius with a streamer. His patterns just seem to bring the fish to life. He landed five browns today that would be the fish of a lifetime for many people. We lost two that were bigger, including a rainbow i got into that was easily 22 inches. It decided to get in one last jump before we netted him, and that was the one that set him free. Heartbreak and disappointment insued. What a day, i really enjoy being on the river. But today was better, it was a pleasure to witness the master at work. Nice job Matt, all that hard work has made you streamer royalty, no longer the myth and truely a legend...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I wanted to fish today but didnt want to deal with crouds. I chose a section of the weber i figured no one would be on and i was right. I had the whole section to myself. Started a little slow but i soon found my rythm. The go to bug ended up being the good old Prince Nymph. I was able to pick up Rainbow, Cutts, and one brown. Usually this section is Brown central, so to pick up more of the others was awsome. There were some hugh Stonefly sheds on the rocks so i tried several large stone pattern. I didnt pick a fish up all day on the Stone patterns, kind of strange.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simms Headwater Sz 14

I finally had to give in and buy something i swore i never would. I dont believe you have to spend tons of money to be a Flier. I feel there is an elitism out there that i want nothing to do with. I feel that some companies brands represent that to an extent. However, i believe that the most important piece of equipment you need as a flier are comfy boots, which translates to comfy feet. You cant even get to a good hole if you are in misery walking there. Ive been told that these Simms boots are the real deal. I will be putting them to the test. We are going to Alaska next month and if my feet are not happy, im not happy. Check back and ill give an honest review of there performance. They have the new Vibram rubber sole and look to be very wellbuilt.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I got a new toy today. I busted it out to shoot my kids riding bikes. Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens. Im going to love this for my Fly Fishing shots. I gave it the Holga treatment.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A solid day on the Weeb

My brother always seems to miss the really good days on the river by just a day or two. Matt and i killed it on the 4th so i took Rand on the 6th. On the 4th the fish just seemed to be hugh. All the bug life has them eating everything in sight It really makes you wonder where they all go when the late summer months set in. We were seeing 20+ inch browns all over on the 4th. Rand and i didnt seem to see as many the 6th, but we still had our chances. Rand hooked a real nice 25ish brown early on , it schooled us. We were throwing many different stonefly immys and they all worked. We noticed on the 4th a mouth full of small sow bugs in a 22 incher we landed. On the 6th i threw a small sow and it was well recieved. We didnt get into as many big boys the 6th, but we had our chances. The biggest fish came late in the day and went 20. The next month should prove to be some great fishing.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a day!

We hit the Weber today. We noticed that the flows have been dropping and we thought it may be low enough to hit. We were right. The fish were big and hungry, we were seeing 20 plus inch fish just feeding in the shallows, it was intense. Fish would take your bug and come all the way out of the water with it. Cool! Stonefly immys and Softhacks were killers. We tried streamers and they would follow and play with them, but they just werent ready to hit them hard. We lost 2 fish, that we saw and had in the net for a moment, that would have gone 25 plus. The day was amazing, what can i say more, Awsome.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cool shots from the South Fork

We went on a marathon fishing trip this last week. The only part worth mentioning was the second half of the day. We ended up at the South Fork (ogden) and the fishing was good. We really got into the fish on the Twenty Inchers, size 8-10. Anyway i got some of my best shots to date, enjoy.