Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mean Green

Kyle Ballard ( and Mike Anderson( met me in Salt Lake at 5am monday morning and we were off to the green. We tore it up for 2 days, day 2 saw really low water flows and tough fishing, but we made it work. We stayed at Trout Creek flies, I really like there rooms, very comfy. Streamers were our big ticket item, we picked up a few on small midge patterns in the deeper holes. On another front, Paul Swint (William Joseph) picked up some Cutts on the girdle bugs i posted a few weeks ago, he was fishing the South Fork of the Snake. Thanks for the call Paul. Enjoy the picks of the Green River, Dutch John, Utah.


  1. love to see the inflateable on the green
    nice read
    cheers guys

  2. Thanks for the trip Softhacke. I can't wait to get out again.