Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alaska Revisited, and a bit of politicing...

I was going through my Alaska pics the other day and i realized that Im a little better at processing now and that a few pics may have slid throught the cracks. I may have posted some of them, im just to lazy to go back and look. Plus im seeing a lot more traffic lately so i thought i ought to share them again.

On a more serious note, Here in Utah we have a real bad situation on our hands, Our supreme court gave us back our rivers recently but we have been working, i say we but it really has been all Bryan Gregson who has fought this fight on many of our behalf. For that we all owe him a huge thank you. But Bryan and many others were working with many parties to work out some ground rules so that access works for all. At the last minute he was blind sided by a lot of money and a bill which totally strips our use rights. This bill has passed the house and now is on to the senate, and from what i gather, it looks bad. I have to wonder why this has not been a larger issue for the whole fishing community as a whole. If our senate can strip these right here, well guess what, It can be done anywhere. If the landowners here can doit, what is to stop it from happeniing all over the west. This ruling seems to me to be something that people who own river in other places are going site and start working for in there states. Scary!!!! It may be too late, It seems to me that this issue should have got more attention from those organizations who could have helped a lot. Yeah we need to save Steelhead,salmon and such but its all pointless if we loose our rivers... This past week was a bad week for all of us...I think there is still time to contact the senate, it doesnt matter where your from, infact it may mean more if you guys from out of state call and let them know that we all care.....and we are all in this together...... I went to the rallys and sent some emails and talked to representatives, But i was in no way as involved as many where. They deserve all the credit for what was done, they fought tirelessly. I should have done more. I dont get up on the box often, ill jump off now...


  1. Love the guy casting and the close up teeth shot! great stuff man!

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