Saturday, March 13, 2010

Streamers and Streamer caves.

So Pat over at 4WTextreme posted an alternative to bugger boxes a few months back, Today while looking for some things for my daughter at a craft store, there it was. A clear version of the bugger Box, They had some foam which i glued together with rubber cement to make thicker. Then i glued it into the box with some Zapp. A few stickers and some art from my daughter, and Bam, Streamer Cave... Box, Rubber cement, Foam $13.50 Sweet.
On another note i have started using a new material for the head on the Streamers and i really like it. Its called EZ Bug. Ive really settled in on the way i like to tye it now, Im hoping that a white version will be a Bull Trout slayer this summer, That is my summer goal, Bull Trout, i guess ill be heading north, no reason to stay in Utah now that it anti-fishing state.


  1. I thought Roostas were your goal, pfftt:)

  2. sweet fly Matt, I love the new head.... the whiteness is what I like so much..just scrolled back up for another look...its cool bro. Question... What kind of stuff do YOU do with crawdad patterns? It looks like your streamer skill could make for a mean daddy!...Thanks for your comments on bigerrfish.blogspot.

  3. Great looking streamer box Ken!! I plan on buying the smaller version for my attractor and stone patterns as well. Here is the link for the smaller

  4. beautiful photos. what materials are the bodies/ wings tied with on the streamers? thanks