Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stones and Streamers.

I spent a lot of time on the river yesterday turning rocks and looking at bugs. I found some golden stones, sowbugs and mayfly nymphs which your #16hares ear would have duplicated perfectly. The sow bugs that i found were surprisingly large. Some reaching lengths of up to an inch. Size 10 sow bugs are going to be in the works at the bench. I got some great macro shots of the stoneflies as well. Oh yeah, I also caught a few fish. I landed three in the 20 inch range, but the big one followed script, and got away. I felt the tug, set the hook, and he turned and spit the streamer straight at me. Ive got his address, i will visit him again.... Bottom 2 photos by Matt Guymon...


  1. those are some great pics ken.....those stonefly pics are the shit though

  2. Thanks Mike, I was surprised at how many i found.. they are getting ready to fly...

  3. Color me green with envy, Ken! Stellar photos, fish and bugs.