Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Alaska Photos

While in Alaska we fished the Kenai, Russian, and the Quartz rivers. The Quartz is primarily a varden river. The river itself is about the size of the ogden river i would say. It flows into Kenai lake, which is the upper lake on the Kenai river. The russian dumps into the Kenai below kenai lake and above Scilak lake. The section is known as the upper Kenai river. The russian is about the size of the weber. However it is much shallower, i would say that 80 percent of the river is only 12 inches deep, with deep pockets running at 3 ft. Crystal clear water and plenty of bears make it very memorable to fish. Sockeye and silver salmon run in the russian but it was the resident rainbows and dollies we were after. We bought all kinds of beads to get ready for Alaska. Before we hit the river we stopped at the hardware store in soldatna and i bought a small pack of caramel 6mm beads and they turned out to be virtually all we used the entire trip. Troutfitters is right on the Kenai in coopers landing and they were very helpful. If you ever go up dont worry about taking a lot of tackle. They have everything you need up there and the prices were even better than here anyway. Even the Fred Meyer has a whole isle with many useful items. Kenai is not remote Alaska, But we found it to be a good starting point for our future Alaska adventures. We ate most dinners at 24hr dinners and felt no different than hitting the Weber. I cant wait to go back and search out some more remote flows. Next year. See all of my alaska photos at


  1. amazing pics! what flavor of camera were you using?

  2. whoops just read the side notes about the camera. great pics though.