Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain, Rain go away. Alaska 2010

It rains a little bit in Alaska. The center portion of our trip was a soggy adventure. We did not let it slow us down, we continued working hard and were rewarded from time to time with fish. Keep in mind that on this trip, pink salmon, were not considered fish. We slayed them at all hours and conditions of the day. They are a good eating fish if you cook them up fresh. They do not freeze well, this is why you often see it in the canned food section of your supermarket. I think we probably caught 500 or so between us.
The rain made it hard to take out the camera. Even when i did, i seemed to be in a hurry and didn't get the best setups possible. I got more comfortable as the trip went on and started to shoot much better in the rain. My 7d was a champ, i drenched it multiple times and had zero problems, great piece of equipment.
The following photos are just some random stuff, The serious fish post will be soon to follow, patience. Randy was the fish slayer as usual, but Silvers are hard to find in the rain...

The William Joseph waterproof packs you see below were awsome. They kept my stuff dry as a bone, and it was seriously wet. William joseph is trying to decide if they will enter the waterproof game, from what i experienced, they should absolutely enter the game... Thanks Paul Swint for letting me use the packs.

The tails go with the heads beside them. The first is an Irish Lord, caught in the ocean, cool tail. The second is a pink salmon, The tail of a pink is my favorite. It kind of looks out of place, should be on a tiger trout or something.


  1. Nice pics dispite the weather. I'll take a rain soaked fishing trip over a 75deg and sunny work day anytime.

  2. Ken, that looks amazing despite the rain. What a wonderful looking trip. I am definitely one of the impatient people waiting for the update. Posts like this have me counting down the days left of school until I can do something like this! Rock on!!!

  3. KENNETH BROWNING, looked like a killer trip. been a weird year for me and the fishies with the baby coming and all. don't forget about giving me a call when your down or in the spring. looks like a killer trip.

  4. Those are some sweet pictures! Wish my Alaska trip wasn't canceled this year, I'm dying to get back again

  5. Thank you for sharing your awesome photographic talent with us. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

  6. Man those pictures really POP! Thanks for sharing those. I need to keep working on my pictures. Those are way out of my league.

    the Average Joe Fisherman

  7. Thanks to all for the kind gestures


    Yes, I meant to shout it. It. Is. That. Good.

    I'm going to link to you for sure, if that's alright! Amazing work with he camera, Sir. Simply beautiful.