Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alaska "The Float Plane" Sept 2010

The first few moments in Alaska are always overwhelming, but this time was even more so. We were in Ketchican and immediatly hopped a float plane to our final destination. Flying in a float plane had always been something i was looking forward too. It did not disappoint, the Beaver we flew in was actually the red one below. They seem to not be going fast enough to even fly, but there you are, lumbering across the sky. Its loud, tight, uncomfy, but there is knowhere else you would rather be.
I will be breaking down our Alaska trip in several post over the next few weeks. Special thank you to Dr. Allen Carter of Star Valley Wyoming for allowing us to join him at his cabin on Prince of Wales Island.


  1. Ahhhh, the Beaver. A big roaring radial engine, massive floats, and an ability to go nearly anywhere and haul everything; needed medical supplies to fishermen to polar bears. I love this plane. I am truly jealous!

  2. My aunt lives on PoW. Fantastic place and that flight is cool! Cant wait to get back sometime soon. :)