Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winter stonefly hatch

While fishing the weber this winter, sometime around late jan early feb, my brother and i encountered a stonefly hatch. After some research i found out that they are called Taeniopteryx, i call them smokey stones. They are about a half inch long and have black bodies with a smokey grey wing. They hatch on many rivers and are easily recognized as they crawl all over the snow on the banks. I read an article in a mag that said guys had great luck during this hatch on a prince (16). I later was able confirm that as i found myself in the middle of them again in Idaho. I believe that a prince with a grey biot wing and shorter black tail will match even better. Here is a pic of them on my waders, you can click the pic and see more detail. If you see these guys pull out the prince and hold on...


  1. It sounds like this hatch is pretty good. How late in the season does this hatch go on for?

  2. we saw them in jan and just last week in idaho so they hatch early and then apperantly keep going for a while. thanks for checking out my blog.