Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost the Big One today

Matt and I headed up to the weber today and got going around 10am. We fiddled around and figured out what they were eating and then headed up to some fresh holes. We had 3 BWO hatches today, the 3rd being the best and longest. It was during the 3rd that i hooked into a big buck. He ripped off line heading up stream and took me just shy of my backing. Matt got a look at him and immediatly started running down river, he knew it was big. It turned and headed into some sticks, after a few moments i was able to free him. He headed down river right to Matt. The net was in the water and the fish was in it briefly. He flopped and spun and it was over, Snap. I lost everything and let out a pretty good scream. That was a tough fish to loose. Well get him another day. We had plenty of others, but the big one that got away stole the show. We love the weber and she always seems to let use know that we are welcome. Sow bugs and Barrs Emergers in olive were the hot bugs of the day.

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