Sunday, May 2, 2010

Days you dont forget!

You have them once in a while, days you dont forget. This was one of those days. The fish were willing and so was a bird. The bird was unwound and flew away relieved, im sure. All fish also were returned to be caught another day. The weather hovered around freezing and the wind never stopped. We saw the sun and the snow alternate as the day unfolded. We definantly caught a few fish that we will remember in stories for years to come. I believe i have a few shots that will tell the story better than words can express. We are fisherman, all we want are the pictures anyway...


  1. Nice groutp of fish!!! and as always great photos!

  2. That private section holds so decent fish, looks you guys did well. Gotta get up there soon. Great pics Ken!! We did pretty well too.