Saturday, April 3, 2010

Will it hunt......

So here is my interpretation of a Skwala. A little green on the belly, Segmented tail, Black wing, green barbed legs, Im hoping it will take a few hungry trout over the next few weeks. I would appreciate some feedback...

I also just recieved a few DeYoung stickers for my new Dry Fly box. Pretty cool art, i wish i could draw this stuff.

Even has a segmented tail....

DeYoung stickers, Cant afford the big prints.


  1. Looks good. What kind of box did you get? Looks pretty spiffy with Derek's stickers.

  2. On the fly pattern, "Yes it will hunt"! One thing you might consider is tying up a few in about a size 12, go all black on the legs and thread and you've then go a really great looking cricket pattern as well. On a couple of occasions I've played with big cricket patterns after dark and both Bass and mean old Browns will occasionally take a cricket being twitched along a bank with really evil intent. Don't know if you've done much night fishing but there's a lot to be said to hearing the stirke and then having to wonder what you're up against once he's on. When its black outside fourteen inches can feel like twenty and it's all a head game. The only thing that would make my hair stand up quicker is if the water ran next to a cemetery!

  3. Thanks Midgeman, ive been thinking about all the color combos that could represent other bugs, tan and a size 8 would make a good hopper, I have not fished enough at night, but i have had a few nights i wont forget, thanks for your input, ive learned a lot from your blog....

  4. Good stuff... thanks for sharing I will be trying to whip a few of these up for sure!