Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Tigers...

Private water can be just what the doc ordered when its 15 deg outside. We have a place close to home that we have become quite fond of. Its not your tipical pelet fed pond. The water is derived from a natural spring that holds constant year round. Even on the coldest of days the water does not freeze. The water has been stocked by the owners with Tiger and Cuttbow trout. I brought in a tree branch that i was snagged on the other day, which gets meto the best part of the place by far. Scuds, scuds, and more scuds, This place is loaded with them. They do not ever feed the fish. Judging from the tree branch and the size of the fish, they dont go hungry. We fished streamers, and found that a very slow presentation was the ticket. I actually switched to a floating line and a long leader because my sinking line required me to move to fast.