Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fighting Fatties on the Fork

We hit the South Fork of the Ogden today and it was excellent. From San Juan Worms to Natural Hairs Ears the trout were loving both. The snow was falling and it was chilly so there wasnt much of a hatch to speak of, a few bwos and midge. I was able to take an 18 inch brown which is a nice fish on that river. We have allready lost most of our rivers to run off, I hope we can get out a few more times before all is lost. Check out the Stonefly Nymph on the back of that brown and that bwo wiggled out of his nymph case right below as i was taking a break. The orange and red colors on these fish were awsome, there must be something in the water because even the whitteys are orange, pretty cool. Check out those cutts.

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